For the Music Lovers: 7 Places Where Music is Culture

1. Harlem Jazz Night Out – United States (New York)

Head out into Harlem after dark and experience the jazz scene in this historical part of town. On this tour, you’ll visit various hidden jazz joints for hours of live jazz music while learning about the history of jazz music in Harlem, New York City, and the world and how it’s changed throughout the ages.

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2. London Rock Music Tour – United Kingdom

Discover London’s rock music history on this tour. Visit landmarks fundamental to the rock and roll scene all over London while learning about how the rock music scene has changed English culture and world music forever.

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3. Córdoba Flamenco Show – Spain

Head to Tablao el Cardenal, a famous Cordoba flamenco joint near Cordoba Mosque-Cathedral. Watch, over a drink or two, as five of Cordoba’s best flamenco dancers perform on stage and take in the fast-paced music performed by the venue’s singers and instrumentalists. Enjoy a fun and relaxed night of cultural music and dance at Tablao el Cardenal.

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4. Japanese Traditional Taiko Drum Experience in Kyoto – Japan

Take a taiko class in Kyoto! In this class, you’ll learn from your instructor, a professional taiko instructor, the techniques necessary to play a Japanese traditional song with the drum. You’ll also be able to learn about the structure of the instrument as well as about how taiko has influenced other traditional Japanese art forms throughout history, such as Noh, Kyo-gen, Nagauta, and Kabuki.

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5. Beatles Evening Tour of Central London – United Kingdom

Head to London if you’re a Beatles fan to take the city’s oldest established Beatles tour. On this tour, you’ll be able to trace the history of the Beatles, visiting 35+ Beatles-related landmarks throughout London.

Check out the tour here.

6. Dublin Traditional Irish Music Pub Crawl – Ireland

On this pub crawl led by two professional musicians, discover some of Dublin’s most famous bars and pubs, where you’ll be able to enjoy live Irish music. While exploring Dublin, you’ll also be able to hear about the history of Irish music and how it has influenced modern music around the world.

Check out the tour here.

7. Cape Town Jazz Safari – South Africa

Delve deep into South Africa’s famous jazz scene on this Cape Town jazz safari. You’ll have the chance to meet local jazz artists, listen to live performances, and hear stories about Cape Town’s jazz scene. Head to a local jazz musician’s home for an authentic South African jazz experience, dinner, drinks, and live performance included, before visiting a contemporary jazz nightspot to enjoy more live music.

Check out the tour here.

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