UWENTIGO is a travel technology company based in New York City. We offer a mobile app and a website to help travelers discover amazing destinations and book in-destination activities. We focus on travel activities that get people actively involved with the local culture.

You will find thousands of things to do online, but it’s not easy to find cool activities that you can engage with locals, visit hidden gems, try authentic food and drinks, and experience local culture. We hand-selected these authentic experiences for your next vacation.

We offer activities such as wine tasting and farm-to-table dining experience at beautiful vineyards in Italy, a day trip to stunning beaches in Lisbon, cooking classes in Tokyo & jazz concerts in Cape Town at the local people’s homes, tapas crawl in Barcelona, speakeasy bar hopping in NYC and more.

Many travelers say that the most memorable travels they took are the ones that opened their eyes, or made them experience something new. Our goal is to help you create such experiences.

Take advantage of your vacation days and experience a different way of life!

Company Info


Columbia Startup Lab

175 Varick Street 

New York, NY 10014


We are a member of Columbia Startup Lab at Columbia University Entrepreneurship.